Frequently Asked Questions

At Lucky Grooming, we’re available to answer any questions you have about our men’s hair and beard products. Before you email us at, please check out the most common questions below.


How long will it take my order to arrive?

Your product(s) will arrive within 5-7 business days after you place your order. Rarely products take longer to ship due to factors that are out of our control. All shipments are fulfilled by Amazon. 


What is your refund policy?

If for any reason you are not thoroughly satisfied with your purchase, you can return the Lucky Grooming product(s) in all the original packaging within the first 30 days of the date of purchase for a full 100% refund.


What do I do if my package arrives damaged?

If you receive damaged product in the mail, such as a leaky or broken bottle, we apologize. Please email us at, with a photo of your damaged product, and we will send out a replacement product to you immediately. A replacement product will typically ship within 24 hours of receiving your email.


What if I receive an order that is not correct?

If you receive the wrong product(s), please send us an email at, and then mail the incorrect order back to us. As soon as we receive your email, we will ship you the correct product.


Are Lucky Grooming products made in the USA?

All Lucky Grooming products--except for the beard brush and hair comb--are made in the good old USA.


Do you ship outside of the US?



I am interested in carrying Lucky Grooming products at my barber shop. How do I get information about wholesale prices?

Glad to hear it! Please visit our wholesale page for more information. Or you can drop us an email at


Why do my hands get oily when I touch my beard throughout the day?

There are two main reasons your hands remain oily after applying Lucky Grooming Beard Oil or Lucky Grooming Beard Balm

The first reason could be that you didn’t thoroughly brush the Beard Oil or Beard Balm into your beard. Taking a few extra minutes massaging the oil or balm into your beard will help.

The second reason could be that you used too much Beard Oil or Beard Balm. A little oil or balm goes a long way, and we recommend that you only apply 3-5 drops of the oil or a small amount of the balm scraped on the back or your fingernail to your beard.

Lucky Grooming products are high quality and you don't need to use as much as you might with other brands.


What claims can be made about Lucky Grooming?

We can legally claim that our products...

  • Are Natural
  • Are BHT Free
  • Condition the hair and skin
  • Lock in moisture
  • Help with hair/beard growth
  • Help clear acne
  • Are Antibacterial
  • Help Reduce Stress
  • Are Anti-Inflammatory


Are Lucky Grooming products safe for use on children?

Lucky Grooming products are made for people ages 13 and older.


Are Lucky Grooming products tested on animals?

No! We are a cruelty-free company.


What is the shelf life of Lucky Grooming products?

Because our products are made from natural ingredients, they have a 2-year shelf life -- unless otherwise noted on the product label and online description.


I have allergies. How do I know your products will be safe to use on my skin?

Our men’s beard and hair products contain an ingredients list. If you know you are sensitive to specific oils or ingredients, please visit the specific product page, view the ingredient lists, and verify that the product is safe for you to use. [Like to shop page]


Is Lucky Grooming a nonprofit or for-profit company?

Lucky Grooming is a for-profit company that is passionate about giving back to active military and veterans in need whenever we can through giveaways and other donations. You can always follow us on Facebook to see where we’ve donated. 


Do Lucky Grooming products really increase my chances of “Getting Lucky”?

Results vary. To increase your odds, we recommend that you cook your lady a nice meal, clean the house, and watch her favorite chick flick with her--without any whining or complaining.

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