Beard Science: Why Beards Grow Faster in Summer Months

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Fall is harvest season.

Winter is the season of giving.

Spring is the season of renewal.

And believe it or not, summer is the season of BEARDS!

Yes, that’s right! It may sound crazy, but there’s actually no better time of year to grow a beard than right now!

Don’t believe us? We have science to prove it!

Keep reading to discover 4 reasons why beards grow best in the summer months…

Reason #1 - Healthier Food Options

When you eat healthy food choices, your body performs better.

Therefore, eating a healthy diet directly impacts the quality of hair that you grow.

It’s as simple as this...

During the summer season, people tend to put down heavy, unhealthy food choices and reach for delicious seasonal fruits and veggies that are available.

A more balanced diet equals a healthy body, which, in turn, enables you to grow thicker, healthier facial hair.

Reason #2 - Increased Levels of Exercise

Both men and women produce the hormone known as testosterone.

However, men's bodies contain much higher levels of this chemical, which gives them the ability to grow a beard.

When a guy exercises, his testosterone levels become naturally elevated.

Thanks to this elevation in testosterone levels, his beard will grow longer and fuller.

So, why does it happen more often in the summer?


The answer is simply due to nicer weather.

When it’s warm and the sun is shining, people are more likely to be out running, riding bikes, playing sports, etc.

Reason #3 - Exposure to Vitamin D

Aside from drinking milk or taking supplements, most people get Vitamin D through sun exposure.

That being said, it’s normal for people’s vitamin D levels to increase during warmer months when people spend more time outside.

Normally increased vitamin D levels aren’t noticeable. However, for men with beards, they might be.

Here’s why...

Vitamin D gets synthesized inside the body and is considered to be a steroid hormone that helps regulate calcium, mineralization of bone, and hair growth.

During this process, the Vitamin D boosts your stem cells' ability to grow new hair follicles.

Increased levels of vitamin D can also activate inactive hair follicles, causing them to grow hair.

The end result: longer, thicker facial hair.

Reason #4 - Expanded Capillaries due to Heat

Good blood flow is essential for hair growth.

The reason: the nutrients carried through your bloodstream help stimulate hair follicles and fuel them so that hair can grow.

During the summer months, our capillaries tend to expand due to hot weather.

The expansion of these capillaries allows more blood flow to your facial hair region.

For this reason, men have an easier time growing facial hair in warmer months.

How to Nurture and Protect Your Luscious Summer Locks

Being able to grow a long, flowing beard is one thing.

Taking care of it so it stays clean, healthy, and smelling fresh is a whole other ball game.

If you’re on a mission to grow a summer beard, we recommend that you add a few products to your grooming routine to keep you looking sharp.

The first thing we recommend is using a quality beard oil.

This product will help keep your beard hair and skin moisturized, nourished, and smelling fresh and clean.

If you don’t have any, grab some Lucky Grooming Beard Oil here.

The second thing we recommend is a Beard Balm.

Beard balm works very similarly to beard oil; however, it can also be used to shape and style your beard due to its wax-like texture.

Go here to give our Lucky Grooming Beard Balm a try.

Here’s to a summer filled with epic beards!

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